MotoCross. ‘Dirty Old Times’. The Latest Tease

Over/Easy Films releases the third teaser trailer for the upcoming Dirty Old Times, a tribute to the golden era of motocross.

04-04-13 Dirty-Old-Times-Over-Easy-Films

Perhaps you remember the teaser trailers sent out for Dirty Old Times, a tribute to the good old days – albeit through mud splattered rose tinted glasses – of motocross.

As the release date approaches, the team at Over/Easy Films has been raiding the family archives for footage of the ‘godfathers of vintage motocross’. That basically means grainy home movies of the youngsters on their first bikes – enough to make even the stoniest hearts amongst us go, “awwwwww!” – and video clips of the teens hitting the motocross stages with vim.

We are though still trying to work out what the scout master is doing at the 45s mark…

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