MotoCross. ‘Dirty Old Times’. A Golden Era

Motocross is a young man’s game, right? The treacherous terrain? The inhospitable elements? The physical demands? The speeds? Hardly something anybody reaching retirement would be interested in.

Nobody appears to have told this gentleman though.

Arne Wallerstedt has held a race license for over 45 years now, and has since competed in well over a thousand races, taken a few victories, and hit the ground hard on more than one occasion. Along with other public-appointed ‘Godfathers of Vintage MotoCross’ in an upcoming documentary due to hit international screens next year, Arne presents his views on the golden era of MotoCross, as well as his first tentative steps onto the scene.

Don’t let the collection of pristine heritage motorbikes throughout these trailers fool you though. These really were ‘Dirty Old Times’.

Source – Over/Easy Films

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