Morgan Plus 8 Speedster. Celebrating 100 years

The Morgan Motor Company celebrates 100 years with its new stripped out roadster, the Plus 8 Speedster

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A company that holds its head above everybody else when ‘doing it differently’ is most certainly the Morgan Motor Company. The brand stands strong as the eccentric choice for most sports car owners across the world (just take its 3 Wheeler) and in their desire to continue in that direction they’ve just dropped a tribute model to celebrate 100 years of production: the Plus 8 Speedster.

The Speedster, although similar in build to the company’s existing Plus 8 roadster, has been put through a strict diet, removing anything and everything that was deemed even slightly favourable in the creature comforts category. It’s going to be a wind in the hair, flies in your teeth and blown eardrums affair. Morgan will be giving prospective owners the same personalisation flexibility as they do currently with the 3-wheeler, so that includes colours, wheels, roll bars, stickers and even an optional roof. Although we question why you’d need that…

Powered by the venerable BMW 4.8-litre V8, the Speedster will not only sound incredible, it’ll scoot down the road thanks to 367bhp and 370lb ft of torque. What does that mean in real numbers? 0-100kph in 4.2 seconds, all while pulling silly faces as the wind comes over the top of that little screen and bashes you in the face.

Sounds spot on to us.

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