Mercedes E-Class gets new diesel engine range

The all-new Mercedes E-Class is to be the first model to receive the brand’s new diesel engine range.

Mercedes Benz E-Class

The new four-cylinder diesel unit OM 654 marks the debut of a new diesel family of engines from Mercedes-Benz. There are plans for several output variants as well as longitudinal and transverse installation in vehicles with front-, rear- and all-wheel drive.

The first all-aluminium four-cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz celebrates its world premiere in the new E-Class E220d when it’s released in the spring and will be rolled out across Mercedes’ car and van models.

Mercedes has developed the new engines with efficiency and emissions in mind, as well as working to global climate targets, with the bottom line being that the new engines now deliver around 13% lower consumption and emissions. Another objective was to reduce the number of variants as far as possible. The engine’s compact dimensions allow even more flexibility in adapting to different vehicle models. The interfaces between drive unit and vehicle have been standardised across all models.

All the elements of the exhaust after-treatment system have also been configured directly on the engine itself and no longer on the vehicle.

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