McLaren Speedtail revealed – finally, McLaren’s F1 successor

McLaren’s three-seater Speedtail ready to transform hypercar landscape – 1036bhp, $2.25m and 402kph

Twenty years after the last McLaren F1 was built the British supercar manufacturer has announced its successor: the 1036bhp, 402kph, $2.25m (plus taxes) Speedtail. 

Created within McLaren’s Ultimate Series stable the Speedtail joins the Sennaand will, before 2025, be accompanied by the replacement for the P1. McLaren calls the Speedtail a Hyper-GT and it will be the fastest McLaren road car the young company has built when the first of the 106 examples are delivered in 2020. Although, you’ll need to scan the classifieds if you fancy one because each one is spoken for.

The Speedtail’s performance is achieved through two means. The more obvious is its hybrid powertrain that features the 4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine assisted by electric motors driven by a battery pack stored between the passenger cell and the engine. Drive is sent to the rear via McLaren’s seven-speed gearbox and the Speedtail will reach 299kph from a standstill in 12.8sec – 3.7sec quicker than a P1.

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