Long Live the Toyota 86. The old one, that is

A slightly sweary tribute to the original 86 – in this case, a US-spec 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S.

Toyota Corolla GT-S

As far as cult JDM cars go, the Toyota AE86 ranks pretty highly – there’s no shortage of love for the hachiroku. But when a loving tribute video, courtesy of US clothing line Bowls, is this good, we’ll show it anyway.

Follow this very tight white n’ carbon Toyota Corolla GT-S – as it was known the US – as it cruises around Los Angeles, flirting with the new 86 and generally having a laugh. Keep an eye out too for drift king Ken Gushi. Be warned, those of you at work or of a sensitive disposition – there’s some swearing in it.

Source: Bowls on Vimeo

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