Living in a truck. The Smoking Tire

Not your average Winnebago.


If you told someone that you lived in a flatbed truck,  you might get some strange looks, especially if you’re not a professional trucker. But what if that truck was a custom-built, two bedroom country house made from a 1985 Hino and a lot of Monterey Cypress wood?

That’s the awesome project build of two New Zealanders, Alex and Hannah, as described in this video from The Smoking Tire. Also the owners of a modified Vauxhall Viva, they decided to live in the truck after Alex spent time living in a van while visiting the UK. Without the money to buy a traditional house, they sunk around $22,000 into building their wooden home – including the price of the truck itself.

In a country as beautiful as New Zealand, being able to drive from scenic spot to scenic spot while still having all the creature comforts of home seems like a good move to us. Now we want Alex to take it on the race track to see what it’ll do.

Source: The Smoking Tire

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