Drifting in the rain. Toyota AE86. The Smoking Tire

The Toyota AE86 is one of the iconic drift cars of the 1980s. Best go get sideways with it then.


When Toyota brought out the 86, they made a big deal about it being a performance car that relies on fun and feel, rather than brute power. This was not a car about incredible top speeds and 0-100kph times. It was about putting a big smile on your face.

Where do you think that idea came from? The clue is in the name – from the iconic AE86 of the 1980s. The Trueno, Corolla, hachi-roku – call it what you like, it remains today one of the most fun machines you can buy, and was seemingly built to go sideways with ease.

The Smoking Tire‘s Matt Farah travelled to New Zealand and was given a go in a beautiful Trueno at the Manfeild Park circuit in Feilding. Despite the fact that it was chucking it down with rain the whole time, the weather doesn’t seem to have dampened Matt’s enjoyment.

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