BMW Club UAE. Epic Drive…

The BMW Club UAE was established in November 2007 out of passion for everything with a Roundel. What started as a chit chat in 2005 turned out to be the biggest brand car club in the Middle East, with current member count in excess of 2,000 members. The Club set out to offer what was missing for a long time in the Middle East; an entity of BMW enthusiasts meeting regularly online and offline to offer and share their expertise to others who would need it. Later on, it expanded to cover social and motorsports programs, of which we name the HPDS as an example offering students a race-prepped BMW on sanctioned tracks with seasoned instructors as passengers. The Club has expanded and affiliated with a few prominent service providers, such as detailers, service centres, tuners, and suppliers etc to make the member’s ownership an ordeal-free affair.

The Club runs a seasonal calender of social drives and gatherings and Club-run motorsports days where the members are introduced to many disciplines of the trade. We continue to grow organically and develop our relationship with the BMW International Clubs Council in a quest to keep improving what we offer.

Oh and when it comes to stuff we get up to – how about an epic drive across the UAE?

And the 1M Coupe finally joins us. Tell you the truth, we’ve never been this excited about a new BMW model since the BMW Club UAE inception in November 2007. And the reason is very simple; The M Division white coats have taken it back to the basics. We are all about the bare necessities in our M cars; A crispy engine up front, a 3-pedal true-to-God transmission, and a delicious LSD to keep us forward and sideways; simultaneously. Thank you BMW for listening to your smallest target audience.

Khalid Bu Rheima, probably the happiest member on the Hajar Mountain drive, ripping through the mountain roads with a car designed just for that. Alpine White is definitely a local’s favorite.

Ahmad Al Khalil’s Silverstone E60 M5 chasing Chucri Achkar’s Sepang Bronze E60. The E60 M5 is a car that needs a bit of exercise from time to time to keep its VANOS units under check. The BMW Club UAE offers the opportunity on a regular basis.

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  1. I wasn’t even thinking BMW when my wife and I decided to get a summer car again now that our son’s 10, however after watching Savard’s clip of his car ripping up the street and just sitting there I may have found what kind of car we’ll be looking for now! Very nice car’s sounds like a great club can’t wait to read about it more, once it’s updated again I’ll check it out, phi

  2. what a great event!!! it was definetly one of the best drives ever, the cars were absolutely beautiful, the scenery was one of the best in uae, i cant wait for another one!!!
    i just adore bmwclubuae !!!