Land Rover LR4. Escape (button) The Everyday

The new Land Rover LR4 escape key is designed to help you forget the stresses and strains of everyday life at the office. Somehow….


There are certain days when ripping the letters out of your computer keyboard seems the only reasonable option: “yes, the spinning coloured circle is all well and good but all it’s successfully doing is raising my blood pressure and making me think evil thoughts with regards all technology.”

Clearly the chaps and chapettes at Land Rover have endured days such as these, except from the battered remains they came up with quite a neat little idea. This is an LR4 escape key, which replaces the original in your keyboard. Simple as.

Questionable puns like ‘escape the everyday’ aside, we thin this is actually a pretty nifty way of personalising your computer. The only slight issue, aside from a chafed knuckle or two during the transplant? It only fits PC laptops.

To the mall!

Source – Land Rover MENA

NB. If you’re interested in winning your very own LR4 escape key, check out Land Rover MENA’s online competition. PC not included.

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