Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition. Bottled Essence

Fancy smelling like a Bentley?


It turns out that manufacturing cars for well over a century can get a bit…same-y.  That half-though hypothesis might explain why Bentley has just released Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition, the marque’s first ever men’s aftershave.

In a collaborative effort with Lalique – the Art & Fragrance owned company which has also passed its centenary – and top French perfumer Nathalie Lorson, the limited edition fragrance comes in a limited edition Lalique crystal flacon with Bentley’s famous Flying B sitting proudly on to. Count the feathers, and yes, you’ll find ten on one side and eleven on the other as a nod to tradition

Of course the big question is, what exactly does the ‘essence’ and spirit of Bentley actually smell like? Turns out it’s fine wood and leather notes, and we assume the scent of aromatic African geranium that you’ll also find in the bottle are to stop you swanning into work of a morning smelling like a winged-back armchair. If you’re keen to add one of the 999 editions to your collection, simply drop by Harrods in London with $4500.

No doubt at some point there will be a Bugatti fragrance too, though we’re not too sure if we’ll catch the subtle hints of money and carbon fibre…

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