LaFerrari Spotted on the Road. Dubai, UAE

First shots of the LaFerrari on a public road during testing in Dubai, UAE
LaFerrari 3

Spotting a Ferrari in Dubai is nothing unusual and the sight of a supercar wrapped in some outlandish vinyl in the Middle East is commonplace. However, seeing a camouflaged LaFerrari out testing on the public roads of Dubai is a bit special. Even around these parts.

LaFerrari 1

These snaps are the first of a LaFerrari on public roads, and although we have no idea what the dealio is, it is probably safe to assume that a bit of hot weather testing is going down.

LaFerrari 2

It is also safe to assume that the LaFerrari was obeying the speed limit or an exceptional camera car would have been required to keep pace.

LaFerrari 4

In no way do we condone taking photographs while driving but it is a LaFerrari. There are always exceptions.

Pics – Karim Cheetos.

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