Jumeirah Cruisin. The first tester. Dubai. UAE

Last night witnessed the first tester event for what will undoubtedly become the go to car event in the UAE

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Friday 24th May witnessed what has been in the works for months and months. It all started over a coffee with Khalid Bin Hadher, while shooting the breeze and bench racing about Volkswagens. How could we get the proper metal out and into the public domain? We knew there was a super cool collection of cars hidden away in garages and workshops all over Dubai, but the issue was how to get them out in the sunshine and basking under the golden rays of a late afternoon summer day.

So fast forward up to the present day and it happened. After the RTA stepped up at the last minute, the road outside the cafe was closed, the Supercar police brigade were called in and the rest you can see through the gallery of colour above.

Yes, we can hear the complaints from here… Why didn’t we know about it? Why no invite? Well we can answer that quite easily. We didn’t want a big hype and then flop event the first time out. Simple as that. The next one will be a different matter all together, however it will always be low key and built around the cars and more importantly the people that drive them.

A HUGE thanks to BIKERS CAFE and Khalid Bin Hadher for making it happen.

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