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Osie finds himself moving up in the world in the Porsche Cayman R with ‘weapon’s grade Protech treatment and valet parking. Watch the wallet!

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Driver's Log
Date acquired: April 2013
Total kilometres: 43,400
Kilometres this month: 2400
Costs this month: $0
L/100km this month: 12.3

As the kilometres roll by, I’m loving my Porsche Cayman R more and more. The biggest dilemma though is keeping it clean.

Luckily when I bought the car, the Porsche dealership gave it the full Monte Carlo Protech treatment, which finishes and seals the car for 12 months. Thereafter, all it takes to get the car weapons grade shiny again is a quick manual wash and a spray of Protech ‘liquid finish’ to top it up. Essentially it means the glossy Basalt black paint is still stunning and well protected from the summer heat and sand. I’ll get it renewed earlier than 12 months though as like to have the car looking amazing.

I have to say with the wheels the R runs (shared only with the Boxster Spyder), big red calipers and lowered stance, you’d be hard pushed to find a better looking Cayman and/or Porsche in the region, a point I confirmed at a recent track day outing at the Yas Marina Circuit. The R got the seal of approval and solid thumbs up from fellow Fast Fleeters Sean and Marcus during an impromptu meet up and chin wag about cars followed by a late night drive.

What have I learnt this month about Cayman R ownership? Well, I’m treated differently at my favourite hotel, compared with when I used to arrive in the auld Mercedes. The valet used to approach the 500E like it was radioactive, but now in the R they flock around it and even park it out of front with the other flashy motors. The valet does think I’m rich though and usually expects (coughs) a large tip. I’m from Northern Ireland where every pound is a prisoner, therefore my tips tend to be more of the aural variety, such as ‘don’t eat yellow snow’.

And yet despite all this, my thoughts are now moving towards adding another more agricultural car to my fleet, one with off road capabilities to do the daily grind. Watch this space.

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