Jaguar XJ220. Fastest delivery vehicle in the world?

This Mooyah-liveried Jaguar XJ220 is set to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by becoming the fastest delivery vehicle in the world.

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What you’re looking at here is a Jaguar XJ220, and in the very near future it could hold a Guinness world record as the fastest delivery car in the world. I say ‘could’ since apparently there are certain criteria for a car must abide by if it is to become a delivery van which unfortunately this particular big cat does not. Who knew, eh?

This hasn’t stopped Mooyah scrambling furiously to find a loophole ahead of the Jag’s debut this weekend at Ibn Battuta Mall, home of the company’s new Dubai burger bar. To prepare the car for its grand unveil, Mooyah has enlisted the help of Dubai-based Diablo to create an exclusive wrap. The process though, as Diablo’s Stefan Koerth explains, has been far from easy.

“We have done a few luxury cars with sponsorship stickers on for exhibitions on before, but we’ve never done a classic car before,” Stefan explains. “It was decided to change the colour of the car completely from the original green to either silver or white. So we used the background from Mooyah’s logos and gave it something a little flashy, with the colour fading from the dark to the white.”

The XJ220 has been through more than 10 livery designs across a two-week period, leaving Stefan and his ten-strong team only two days (and nights) to get the car prepared, including some snazzy bespoke Mooyah numberplates. Though the team has previously worked on Rolls-Royce Phantoms, Bugatti Veyrons and even a Maserati MC12 (Stefan’s personal favourite), extra precaution was required whilst working on the now 20-year old supercar.

“In this case, because it’s a short-term job, we have used a lot of soap to make removing the wrap easier,” Stefan explains. “It’s an old car, the paint is old, and I was obviously quite afraid of damaging any part of it.”

Powered by a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 and kicking out the best part of 542bhp when new, in its early-1990s heyday the XJ220 could hit 0-100kph in 3.6 seconds and, if you were brave enough to hold down the loud pedal for long enough, a 347kph top speed. Fast enough then to fling the peperoni from your meat feast. Strangely enough though, this particular British supercar was not Mooyah’s first choice of delivery van.

“Originally we started work on a design for an Aston Martin One-77, which was a dark grey. They were planning to place the car in the mall for the restaurant’s grand opening, but the entrance is only two metres and the One-77 was just too wide. So the company swapped the Aston for a Jaguar.”

The Jaguar XJ220 takes pride of place in Ibn Battuta mall for the next three days before, potentially, starting work on the delivery run. Don’t be too surprised then if your fast food delivery turns up quicker than expected next time you order.


Jaguar XJ220
Engine: V6 / twin-turbocharged / 3498cc
Power: 542bhp @ 7000rpm
Torque: 475lb ft @ 4500rpm
Transmission: FF developments five-speed manual / five-speed manual / rear wheel drive
Front suspension: Independent / double wishbones / anti-roll bar
Rear suspension: Independent / double wishbones / anti-roll bar
Brakes: AP Racing four-pot calipers / 32mm wide ventilated discs / 330mm (front) / 300mm (rear)
Wheels: Speedline one-piece alloy / 9-in x 17-in (front) / 14-in x 18-in (rear)
Tyres: Bridgestone Expedia S.01 asymmetric uni-directional / 255/45 ZR17 (front) / 345/35 ZR18 (rear)
Weight (kerb) 1385kg
0-100kph: 3.6sec (estimated)
Top speed: 347kph

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