It takes 95 words to make an aluminium Jaguar XE

Jaguar begins global launch of its XE mid-sized saloon by unveiling the Word Cloud aluminium sculpture

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When it comes to teasing an upcoming model, manufacturers across the globe have pretty much nailed the details (figuratively, of course). Images of the respective newboy usually include either a shadowy silhouette or an über close-up shot of a headlight, front splitter and/or emblem. For the teaser video, take the above and add the latest track from Hans Zimmer’s discography and a dash of dry ice.

For the new XE though – Jaguar’s answer to the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 – the boys and girls in Coventry have taken a different approach, courtesy of the new Word Cloud sculpture that made its debut this weekend in the London Design Museum’s ‘Tank’.

In a nod to its new architecture (demonstrated to such eye-opening fashion by the C-X17 SUV), the sculpture is fashioned completely from aluminium. Take a closer look though and you’ll notice that the word cloud is made up of 95 words using seven languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, English, Russian and Mandarin. Bonus points if you can word jumble them all.

No doubt a full list of these words and their respective meanings will be unveiled alongside the new XE on September 8 in London.

Source – Jaguar MENA

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