Is the new Ford Focus a looker?

Ford unveils the newly facelifted Focus. But is it any prettier?

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We’ll throw this one out to the jury, since we’re a little stumped: is the ‘new’ facelifted Ford Focus a good looking car?

The ‘more sophisticated and advanced’ design of the new Focus includes nods to the One Ford global design language and a ‘fun-to-drive DNA’ courtesy of a lower and wider stance, a new front fascia and re-designed grille. Plus a pretty snazzy metallic blue paint finish. But does it bowl you over? We’re not too sure.

We’ll admit that we feel almost instantly in love with the more dynamic, more RAAAARRR Focus ST (that’s dyslexic shorthand for ‘Torque Steer’ by the way), and the Volkswagen’s rival Golf/Golf GTI packed something of a whallop when we first clapped eyes on them too. So perhaps we are being a little biased in this respect. And, if we’re being fair, the new chiselled headlights and aggressive bonnet lines are all pretty sharp and will no doubt look more fetching when the Big Oval’s blue-eyed boy hits the Geneva Motor Show.

In the meantime though, news of new 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol engine, new hands-free Perpendicular Parking technology and an updated cabin has left us feeling a bit…meh. Or are we being too harsh?

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