Infiniti G37 Coupé. RB30/26 Turbo. V36 Skyline.

Infiniti G37 Coupé gets custom RB30/26 treatment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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There is nothing visually ostentatious about Samer Al Saleh’s Infiniti G37 Coupé. No wild bodykit. No big wing. No garish colour scheme shouting ‘look at me’ from afar. Cosmetic upgrades have been limited to a molded Autokits front with side skirts and a CarbonSignal diffuser bringing a bit of ass-aesthetics to the rear. Wheels are 20″ Vertini Magic (20×9 +20 fronts/20×10 +32 rears) and Samer’s G is sitting pretty thanks to a nice drop courtesy of BC Racing coilovers.

If you are only interested in the show and not the go then that about wraps this feature up for you. Samer has built himself a respectable looking G37 Coupé which balances his bug for modifying with the respectability and maturity associated with the brand. However, the driving force of this G37 Coupé lies under the bonnet.

While the Infiniti G is sold in the Japanese home market as the Nissan Skyline, it has failed to ignite quite the same passion as its forbearers. It’s built on the ubiquitous Nissan FM architecture and runs a VQ37 so it is perceived as being Infiniti’s luxurious alternative to the – more driver focused – 370Z, rather than the continuation of the Skyline heritage. And Samer wanted to fix that.

If you want a bit of Godzilla in your G, you’re best move is to add special ingredient RB. Samer isn’t one to settle for a straight engine swap so, to begin with, an RB30 was sourced. Strangely, it was an RB30E (EFI) variant – which would hint at antipodean origin – rather than the locally available RB30S (carb) version that powered Middle Eastern R31 Skylines and Patrols. None of that really mattered though as it was stripped down to the bare block and made ready for the build.

An RB26 head has been mated to the RB30 block for twin-cam goodness and rebuilt with Tomei Poncams, Brian Crower valve springs & retainer kit while the block internals have been upgraded with CP pistons, Manley rods and ACL main and crank race bearings. Oil systems have been upgraded, fuel feed has been taken care off and, rather than run a twin-turbo setup, Samer is running a dual ball bearing Precision 6266 which sucks air like a champion

You can’t approach a build like this and leave your G running the original slush ‘box so a five-speed manual transmission from an R34 GT-T – paired with a NISMO short sifter – found a new home and this V36 was ready to rock. One thing though, with great power comes great responsibility and Samer isn’t the type of dude to shirk his responsibilities.

Samer has a history in engineering and has embraced this build. His affinity with his Infiniti – built to his own personal requirements – has resulted in him taking on the challenge of tuning this G himself. Engine management is handled by an Adaptronic standalone ECU and run-in vitals are monitored by a 4.3″ Zada-Tech gauge when the laptop isn’t plugged in.

Well, they do say that if you want a job done right, you do it yourself. And this is a V36 Skyline built to Samer spec.

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