Eight Things About Modern Cars That Drive Me Mad

Several pieces of tech in modern cars that really get me hot under the collar.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Might as well start by splitting the room. While I think the system – whereby your set cruising speed goes down automatically if the car in front is too close – is very clever, in a region where barely ten seconds goes by without a taxi or hulking great SUV cutting you up, you stand a better chance of the system just giving you whiplash.


The Hidden Hazard Warning Light

If there’s one button in the cabin you will be looking for in a blind panic, it’s the one for the hazard warning lights. So why are manufacturers making them smaller and harder to find? Bring back the big red circular buttons that were as subtle as the self-destruct button on the Enterprise.


Rocker swift gear changes

Unlike the traditional paddle shifters – left is downshift and right is upshift – the rocker switches have a different setup. It’s forwards for up and backwards for down… or is it backwards for up and forwards for down?

Bugger, missed my turning. Thanks, Porsche. And BMW.


Multi-click central locking

Press the unlock button on the key fob once and the driver’s door is open. Stab the button repeatedly in a fit of angst to unlock the rest of the doors whilst your passengers stand sheepishly and stare at you with growing concern.

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