How to make a Pretzel with a BMW M3 and Martin Tomczyk

We all like pretzels, especially if they’re made with tyre marks

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To celebrate the start of Octoberfest, BMW DTM driver Martin Tomczyk was recently asked to draw the shape of a Pretzel using a standard BMW M3. Said M3 was wearing a “Münchner Wirte” livery, a tribute to the legendary BMW M1 Procar of 1981 which was created from Bavarian-style images with blue and white twisted cords, along with depictions of Munich landmarks. If the logistics of this manouevre don’t make your head spin, consider that the 2011 DTM champion also had to complete the drift with an original M1 – one driven by Prince Leopold of Bavaria himself – within crunching distance.

“We asked Martin Tomzczyk if he could drift a pretzel”, Frank Van Meel, CEO of M power, explained to at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. “We only had once chance, and he did it in one turn with a pretzel in his hand, wearing the Haferlschuh (traditional Bavarian shoes). He’s completely crazy!”

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