How To Drift, BMW M235i. Chris Harris On Cars

Chris Harris explains how to drift with the new BMW M235i.

Chris Harris BMW M235i

DRIVE is back, Chris Harris is back and everything is thankfully still totally sideways. And the best thing about this educational episode is that we can see Monkey do, and then try to replicate it. Hopefully without stuffing our pride and joy into an immoveable object, but that is neither here nor there…

There is an important issue to touch on that this film brings to the fore. We’ve been following, loving and anxiously awaiting each and every DRIVE video since they appeared on our YouTube cinema screens. However, it has been announced, that the full edits of YouTube DRIVE videos are moving to subscription only. That’s right folks, pay per view.

The economics of maintaining high quality content and giving it away for free follows the universal law of diminishing returns. Here at crankandpiston, we have absolutely no qualms in redirecting you to another website (the fantastic UK based PistonHeads) to read what Chris Harris has to say about the future of DRIVE. You can read about it HERE.

Quality automotive videos given away for free cannot currently be sustained on the interwebasphere. Video-sharing websites award a ‘click rate’ advertising revenue that is better served by posting multiple 30-second, totally nonsense shorts per day (you know the type) rather than one or two quality 10-minute videos that we actually want to watch per week.

It is a brave move by DRIVE, but the future is far from certain. Will we pay a subscription for quality automotive videos? Or, have we reached a point where we would rather leave our wallets in pocket and silently suffer the continued decline in our viewing pleasure? Have your say in the comments box below.

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