Harley Davidson Motorclothes. Something Missing…

Spring is here, and Harley Davidson has a new spring collection.

Always the way, isn’t it? You spend time and effort test driving the Softail Slim and the Road Glide CVO, and even have a lengthy chat with the new MD of Harley Davidson UAE in Abu Dhabi before buying – and personalising – your very own Fat Boy Special, only to find you do not have the appropriate attire with which to debut it.

True, you could always head out in you everyday street clothes, but that would just look ridiculous. Deciding against retro garage shirts and holdalls in favour of a polo shirts and kakis? How sides will split amidst your fellow motorists.

Fortunately Harley Davidson Motorclothes also has you covered with their new spring collection. If you also happen to be fans of plaid and lightweight leather jackets with Harley Davidson embroidered or stencilled across one region of the chest or another, then your bank balance may not forgive you too quickly.

So, you’ve bought – and personalised – your very own Fat Boy Special, and now you’ve made sure all and sundry know which brand your allegiance is with.

Shame spring weather in the UAE means you won’t be doing much riding for another five or six months.

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