FULL SIZE McLaren P1 App. Dubai, UAE

 We take the McLaren P1 app to a much larger scale. Full scale in fact.

McLaren fans amongst you may already be familiar with the P1 app, which uses the design on top of a piece of paper that can be printed from McLaren’s Facebook page to create a 3D hologram of said supercar on your iPhone. Clever and quite a lot of fun should you have a spare hour or two.

But miniature P1s? We were thinking of something a little…grander. This is Dubai, after all, where better usually means bigger. So you can imagine our reaction when McLaren dropped by the crankandpiston office with a mat on which we could create lifesize 3D holograms of the McLaren P1 through the app on the company iPad.

Much giggling ensued, and the game was on to find the most interesting areas where we could ‘park’ a P1 in Dubai. We spent the day touring the emirate, and you can see the results of our labours in our gallery.

But we’re curious. If given the same mat, where would you ‘park’ a McLaren P1?


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