Formula 1 Simulator. Race At Monaco For $140,000

How would you like to race an F1 car at the Monaco Grand Prix for $140,000 and from the comfort of your own home? Have a word with FMCG International.


How much would it take to race in Formula 1 (that’s just to be on the starting grid for one race, by the way)? $2 million per week? A VERY generous gift from Santa Claus? A sizeable mortgage and your soul on a piece of paper forever indebted to HSBC?

Nope, you’re way out. It’s actually a ‘mere’ $140,000, give or take a cent or two.


Okay, yes, in the grand scheme of things, that’s still a hefty bundle of cash: for not much more, you could buy your own showroom-fresh Nissan GTR. Still, considering that some considerable amount of overtime will buy you visible carbon fibre wishbones, magnesium alloy wheel rims, F1 Pirelli tyres, Brembo brake callipers and composite front and rear wings, it’s actually surprisingly reasonable. You can even choose your own livery.

The only slight downside is that your newly bought F1 single-seater doesn’t move.


This particular model from FMCG International is another step into the simulated world of motorsport (you may remember that not too long ago we had a play around on the CXC Motion Pro 2 at AUH Motorsports in Dubai, the realism of which pretty much wiped out our afternoon). And this is one we are particularly keen to have in the crankandpiston office. Negotiations for that Espresso Veloce V12 coffee maker have so far got us nowhere.


For your nearly $140,000, you receive a composite F1 chassis (finished in carbon fibre) as well as three 23-inch TFT screens with 5.1 digital surround sound that bring you a full driver’s side perspective of Monaco, Silverstone, Yas Marina, Spa-Francorchamps and pretty much anywhere else your racing heart desires on the current calendar.

Be warned though, racing driver’s excuses are not included…

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