Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 tuned to over 1000bhp with twin turbochargers

Fathouse Performance has slotted a pair of turbochargers under the Shelby GT350, and the results are as you’d expect…


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The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is one of the few performance models we deprived of, its glorious 5.2-litre, naturally aspirated flat-plane crank ‘Voodoo’ V8 absent from the blue oval’s British line-up. As if to tease us further, Fathouse Performance of Indiana, USA, has added a pair of snails.

Fabricated entirely in-house, the tuner has opted for a bottom-mount set-up, slotting the turbochargers below the engine for improved response, heat management and ease of access, all without the cost of reduced ground clearance – just be aware of those puddles…

Modification begins with reinforcement of the engine for longevity, ensuring components stay within the confines of the engine bay during high-boost moments – cylinders are sleeved and the valvetrain is upgraded, though the cylinder heads, bore, cams and crankshaft all remain in factory form.

Output for the 1000R sits at a quoted 950whp and 688lb ft of torque on high-ethanol E85 fuel, and 806whp and 677lb ft on standard 93 octane. To hit these numbers, custom-fabricated stainless steel turbo headers, a valve-controlled exhaust system, a pair of 62mm Xona Rotor dual ball bearing turbochargers and an entirely new fuel system to satisfy the Voodoo’s new-found appetite for fuel were added. 

As you might imagine, performance figures are healthy, with 0-100kph coming in 2.5sec, top speed arriving at 298kph and the quarter-mile happening in 9.9sec at 228kph – for reference, the similarly powered Bugatti Veyron covers the same distance from standing in a quoted 10.1sec at 228kph.

You’d think this would be enough for anyone in a manual, rear-drive machine, but 1200R and 1400R kits are also available, bringing power to, you guessed it, around 1200bhp and 1400bhp respectively. The top-of-the-range 1400R achieves a 1.91sec 0-100kph time, a 354kph top speed and a mind-bending 8.2sec quarter-mile at 270kph. Yes, you read those figures right.

Prices for the twin-turbo GT350 conversions begin at $39,999 for the 1000R. Though it might seem expensive, combined with the price of a new GT350 (in the US), you can have yourself a 1000bhp machine for the equivalent of around $99,000.

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