Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche GT3 RS. Nurburgring and a Schmitz

Queen of the Nurburgring Sabine Schmitz pits a Porsche GT3 RS against a Ferrari 458 Italia with the help of RSRNurburg.


The general consensus is that when you have Sabine Schmitz at the wheel around the Nordschleife, you’re in pretty good hands. The celebrated Queen of the Ring – who by the way also made an appearance at this year’s Dubai 24 Hours – has made a career over the last decade hooning this supercar or that sportscar (or in her second BBC Top Gear appearance, a Ford Transit van) around the circuit at knuckle-whitening speeds, and the latest video from RSRNurburg is no different.

There is a slight twist though. Whilst Sabine will take on The Green Hell in a 450hp Porsche GT3 RS, ‘rival’ Ron Simons will try to keep pace in a 570hp Ferrari 458 Italia. Seems like the prancing horse has a superb advantage, and a couple of sideways drifts show how close to the edge both drivers get. You have to wonder how the 2012 Nissan GT-R Black camera car fared too.

Then again, would you bet against a Schmitz in a 911 at the Nurburgring? Thought not.

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