Ferrari 288 GTO. Group B Spec. Tax The Rich

A Ferrari 288 GTO treated with dignity and respect by the Tax the Rich dudes.

Ferrari 288 GTO

The Ferrari 288 GT0 is one of the rarest and most sought after prancing ponies ever produced by the Red Car Shop. It also paved the way for a new era of supercar and was the precursor to the Ferrari F40. It is also worth a few Pennies and – should you be lucky enough to own one – you would be well advised to look after it, wrap it in cotton wool and store it in a bubble. Whatever you do, do not drive it. Ever.

Yup, chuck all that out the window. Tax The Rich treat the 288 GTO like they are hooning their mum’s K11 Micra. With great wealth comes massive balls…

Source – TaxTheRich100

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