Falken Azenis FK520 ultra high performance tyre range debuts

New Y-rated high performance range to launch in Spring 2022

Falken has released details of its new ultra high performance tyre range that will compete with other UHP tyres like the Pirelli P Zero, Michelin Pilot Sport and Continental SportContact 7. The new Falken Azenis FK520 are Y-rated (to 300kph) and have been designed to highlight steering precision and feel, as well as outright grip.

It’ll do this in a multitude of ways, starting with the tyre’s internal structure which is reinforced with Aramid, a man-made woven polymer similar to Kevlar, that provides greater stability under load and therefore feeds back more precise steering feedback. Falken has also reduced the tyre’s overall weight by ten percent compared to its predecessor, reducing unsprung mass and rolling resistance. 

The tread material itself has been optimised to remain dimensionally stable at high loads, evening out their wear pattern, and the blocks themselves have a diamond-cut finish to their edges, reducing the road roar often attributed to UHP tyres. 

Overall, these tyres have been designed to excel both in dry and wet conditions, without any of the compromises in cold-weather as is often found in more focused UUHP tyre ranges like a Michelin Cup 2 or Pirelli P Zero Corsa. 

An initial range of 81 sizes will be available at launch from Spring 2022, ranging from 17- to 21-inches. This size range covers a majority of high performance cars and SUVs.

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