Emirates Racing Team. Flying the Flag

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Khalid Bin Hader and the crazy gang from the Emirates Racing team, are going all out this year. The challenge… to take home all of the UAE Touring Car class titles. With the passion, talent and sheer doggedness that the whole team possess, you can bet your life that they will be pushing the rest of the runners all the way to the final round of the season.

c&p.com will be there along the way to see whether they can nail their target.

Press Release

Khalid Bin Hadher made his intention clear on the eve of the first UAE National Race Day of the 2011/2012 season by declaring that his Emirates Racing Team are targeting four championship titles this year.

As Total UAE Touring Car Champion Class 1, Bin Hadher knows what he is talking about when it comes winning. This year he personally has decided to contest Class 2, which includes the inaugural Clio Cup championship for Renault Clio drivers, which he will drive in the distinctive all black Emirates Racing Team colours.

When asked about the team’s new line-up and focus, Bin Hadher said, “I had a good season last year but there were not many guys in Class 1, often there would only be one or two cars racing. This season I am led to believe we are getting quite a few drivers in the Clio Cup, many from overseas so I thought why not take on the big boys and also challenge the Honda’s in Class 2.”

Doing the business in Class 1 driving the team’s SEAT – which Bin Hadher used to win the title last year – will be his good friend, fellow Emirati driver and former UAE Touring Car champion Mohammed Al Owais who also knows his way to the top step of the podium.

Al Owais is no stranger to the SEAT, last year he did a one-off race at Yas Marina Circuit, winning first time out in the car and is sure to be a title contender this season.

He explains, “I was offered to drive this car by Khalid [Bin Hadher] for this season, something I am looking forward to as I really enjoy racing the SEAT. I know Class 1 will be very tightly contested this year with strong local drivers who know the local conditions inside out and also British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) teams battling for the championship.”

“For us it is a real privilege and experience to drive with these guys. It allows us to see where we stand on a national level. I welcome them to UAE and hope more teams will follow,” said Al Owais.

Team boss Bin Hadher explained how the deal came about, “Mohammed has always been a friend, always very helpful and we have worked very closely in the past. I knew he was itching to race in the UAE again and I had the SEAT available so I thought who better to give the car to than him.”

“Hopefully you will see the Emirates Racing Team drivers on the podium. Our goal is four championships this season: Class 1 and Class 2 in the Total UAE Touring Car Championship, me in the Clio up and both of us sharing a Lotus Evora in the NGK UAE GT Championship,” added Bin Hadher.

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