Datsun Sunny B110. Wagons Roll

Datsun Sunny B110 two-door wagon rolling on slot mags.

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Estate. Wagon. Touring. Goon. Whatever you care to call the most practical and voluminous of car designs, they don’t get much love from the petrol-sniffing performance brigade. They have also fallen out of fashion with manufacturers and have been replaced by a burgeoning line-up of SUVs that, although larger, seem to offer less internal capacity. Yes, it is a paradox that has confounded even Dr. Stephen Hawking.

A portion of society still show the love for the lowly estate and for wagoneers there is nothing cooler than a two-door goon. Yuji rolling in his delicious slot-magged B110 Sunny is a prime example of Wagon old school cool.

Source – sh1m0

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