Classic Car Cruising. Part 2: The Destination

The Classic Car Cruise stops for some lunch and to admire a few supercars at the SBH Royal Auto Gallery.

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There is nothing quite like cruising along in a convoy of classic cars to work up a sweat. Many of the cars we were travelling with were running without air conditioning and several machines even predated the invention of the car roof. What we needed was somewhere to wind down after the drive, pick the flies out of our hair and have a spot of lunch. Fortunately, Frederik Faidhi had the foresight to organise a quite spectacular location for everyone to relax. The destination of our drive was the SBH Royal Auto Gallery.

SBH. Royal Auto Gallery

The SBH Royal Auto Gallery was started back in 2004 by Sheikh Sultan with the purchase of an Alpina V8 Roadster. Since then, the collection has grown to include many of the most iconic and rare supercars in existence. Each of the gathered Classic Car Cruisers seemed drawn to different models within the collection, a preference for modern metal (and carbon) as eclectic as their choice in classic cars.

SBH. Royal Auto Gallery

It would be easy for me to waffle on about my views of the gems within the collection, but sometimes it is just better to flick through the photographs and make your own mind up.

SBH. Royal Auto Gallery

Our sincere thanks to Sheikh Sultan and SBH Royal Auto Gallery

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