Chris Harris. BMW 435i on Road and Track

Chris Harris gets to grips with the new BMW 435i on road and on track in Portugal.

BMW 435i

We aren’t sure if Chris Harris will be getting his Bavarian marching orders after completely disregarding the ‘no drifting’ directive set down by BMW, however, we are certainly glad that he did. Nothing beats a bit of tail-out Monkey action on track. I think we all also agree with his opinion on the new nomenclature as ‘4 Series’ still sounds a bit odd. Although ‘4’ is an even number…

Enjoyable as always with the usual Harris automotive insights it might well be, however, Monkey is spanking himself if he thinks we are going to take his word as gospel. crankandpiston Deputy Editor, James Gent, is off to Portugal to drive the new BMW 4 Series so we will have our verdict soon enough.

Hopefully Mr. Gent gets his tail out as well.

Source – DRIVE

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