Car Maniacs. Life With Le Mans. XJ220 LM. Porsche 962C. Mazda 767B

Luke Huxham and the team at Motorheads in Japan knocking it out of the park again. Take three Le Mans legends and make movie greatness.


Motorhead magazine is a superbly produced Car Culture magazine based in Japan and when they do cool, they do really cool. The below video is the result of them teaming up Luke Huxham/ to give you a glimpse into the life of three young at heart car maniacs who between them own three extremely unique Le Mans’ cars.

The mighty Mazda 767B, a Jaguar XJ220LM and the already famous road going Porsche 962C. You may think these cars should be put in a garage or museum for safe keeping, but that is not the case here. Some of them still spend their lives racing around the circuit while others can be found hunting the streets.

These are “Car Maniacs” and for that reason alone… we love them!


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