Calling all (interesting) cars. Dubai Grand Parade

Organisers of the Dubai Grand Parade are searching for the nation’s most interesting cars and bikes to take part.

Dubai Grand Parade

Do you have an incredibly interesting car? No? Then GET OUT, you’re not welcome here.

Only joking – we love you all. But if you do own a rare, notable or otherwise awesome car or bike, then you should really consider letting organisers of the Dubai Grand Parade know about it. As revealed last month, the parade is one of the highlights of next month’s Dubai Motor Festival, a week of automotive revelry that also includes the Dubai International Motor Show and the final of the Red Bull Car Park Drift competition.

The Grand Parade will be headed by Dubai Police’s growing collection of liveried supercars, but the rest of the convoy will be made up of cars owned by members of the public. If you think yours is worthy, then apply to the organising committee now. They’re looking for supercars, luxury cars, classics, one-offs and modified cars to grab the attention of onlookers. So with all due respect, owners of standard Nissan Tiidas probably need not apply.

The parade takes place on November 8, 2013, and winds around the city. There’ll be music and entertainment along the route, so it won’t just be for the drivers taking part – all are welcome. Yes, even Nissan Tiida owners.

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