Cadillac CTS. Situation normal. Management Fleet

The team has managed to avoid damaging the Cadillac CTS any further this month.


You might want to sit down for this: the Road and Transport Authority has given the go ahead for paid parking in Dubai Media City. Try to remain calm…

While this might not appear a crankandpiston issue on the surface, this decision has led to us being even more diligent with our long-term fleet than usual, especially with traffic wardens now ready to swoop in and ticket the windshield should we drop the ball. And yes, we’ve already been caught a couple of times with this new system.


Interestingly the culprit is not the Cadillac, our long-term bad boy from the streets of Detroit.  So far the CTS has done a magnificent job scaring officials in peak caps and logbooks away with its brawny front grille smile and muscle-hewn physique. Or perhaps the parking meter has just been kept topped up. It’s a mystery.

Those of you who read about the Cadillac’s minor surgery last month will be pleased to hear that we’ve managed to avoid any and all recalcitrant nails in the area, and the tyres are holding up nicely on their daily commute. The good chaps at GM’s Liberty Service Centre also made a thorough job of the Caddy’s 20,000km service too, and the information screen on the dash has been error message free for weeks now.


Having said that, we have been having a little trouble with the key fob. Unlocking the CTS is no problem, but once we’re in the driver’s seat, the on-board system now has a little trouble locating the key, and thus refuses to start. It only takes a matter of seconds and several stabs at the lock and unlock buttons to right though. We think this is just a battery in the key fob that needs replacing (justified, since the car is already three years old) and might mean another trip to Liberty fairly soon.

Recently the crankandpiston team went scouting for locations in the Cadillac too, the saloon proving an ideal subject for the test shots you see here. And we checked. We didn’t need to pay for parking here.

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