Cadillac CTS. Curious bedfellows. Management Fleet

Even with a now kerbed alloy, the Management Fleet Cadillac CTS enjoys a day out with a Bentley Continental Speed and an Aston Martin DB9.

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We’re pretty sure that the CTS is now our longest-serving Management Fleet car ever. As such, there’s not a great deal to report on that hasn’t already been said.

It’s only when things went wrong with the CTS that we have new material – the nails in the tyres being the most recent issues – so thankfully Mr Gent kerbing one of the wheels during a brief stint in the Caddy has given us the opportunity to write something new. It was while manoeuvring through a particularly narrow car park that a hidden kerb caught m’colleague out, and resulted in much ribbing and ridicule from the rest of the crew for the rest of the day. It’s the front left rim that’s taken a scraping over a couple of inches. Hopefully it’s not deep enough to be unrepairable, so we’ll look into getting that sorted out over the coming weeks.

The incident came during the pre-amble to our shoot with the Aston Martin DB9 and Bentley GT Speed, the result of which you can read HERE. Keeping up with two 500bhp-plus supercars is no easy task, but videoman Will, taking on driving duties, managed admirably.

Although the CTS is not the sharpest of saloons available – especially when compared with the new Cadillac ATS – its V6 engine gives it enough grunt to keep in touch with the British bruisers. At least until they were really given some welly. The ample boot space also provided photographer Arun with a place to dwell while shooting action shots of the car. Don’t worry, said runs were done at very low speeds, and on deserted roads. We’re not really convinced that photographer-holding ability is high on potential customers’ lists of priorities, but it’s useful for us.

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