BMW-Powered 1928 Ford Model A. The Art of Hot Rodding

What happens when you mate the 300hp V8 engine from a BMW 740 with a 1928 Ford Model A? The edge of safety and sanity…


“Automobiles are what I eat, breathe, and sleep. They consume every fibre of my being, and as such, I needed a vehicle that would push me as a person.”

That should give you some idea about Mike Burrough’s inspiration behind this 1928 Ford Model A hot rod. As the StanceWorks man explains, a hot rod is more than just a by-gone example of American drag racing and bootlegging during prohibition. They are built for speed, to drive to the edge of both safety and sanity and to have fun whilst doing so.

A craigslist search in the bag and the best part of $3,000 out of it, Mike had a 1928 Ford Model A rolling chassis to make his own. Which in due course included bolting in a 300hp 4.0-litre V8 from a 1995 BMW 740 and a six-speed transmission from an E39 M5.

BMW meets Ford. And that was just the beginning.

Source – StanceWorks

WARNING: readers of a sensitive disposition should be wary of strong language and a 1920s power wagon performing donuts whilst its owner smiles uncontrollably.

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