BMW M235i Prototype. World’s first self-drifting car

The BMW M235i prototype is world’s first self-drifting car. Do we care?

BMW M235i Prototype

Okay, let’s not mess about. Here is a copy & paste of the spiel –

BMW has shown a version of its forthcoming M235i coupe at the 2014 CES show which is capable of drifting with no input from the driver. The research prototype demonstrates what BMW says is an essential component of autonomous driving – the ability to safely master extreme driving situations. This official video from BMW shows the M235i driving and drifting on track ahead of its CES reveal.”

The problem is that it is not just BMW pursuing autonomous cars at the moment. Many of the major manufacturers are determined to produce autonomous vehicles which – to me at least – makes about as much sense as engineering a self-eating sandwich. Sure, an autonomous vehicle comes in handy when exploring an inhospitable planet but do we really want to be ferried around on earth in cars that drive themselves? Ever?

It is time that we, the drivers, make a stand and send out a warning to manufacturers who insist on advancing this ridiculous technology – If you continue to advance autonomous cars then we will all go on strike!

Oh, wait a minute. That isn’t going to work…

Source – Autocar

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