Bentley Handbags. Ladies, rejoice

Something nice for the ladies to have, courtesy of Bentley. Bless.

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There are some that say that the motoring community is far too manly. To which we say pfah, just look at how accommodating the industry is for the ladies. Bentley, for instance, has produced this lovely array of handbags for the women to coo over while the men handle the difficult driving duties.

The capsule handbag collection was unveiled at the swanky Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which gives you an idea of the market into which they’re being daintily placed. The idea from Bentley is to translate the handcrafted leather luxury of the cars to an accessory for the little ladies to cherish. Designed by Bentley’s design team alongside luxury bag designer Vincent du Sartel, they’re limited to 160 bags globally, so it’s unlikely that any of those other dreadful women at the golf club will have the same one. Each has a plaque with its number embossed.

The shapes used are inspired by Bentley‘s cars, both in shape and finish, and two models have been launched. The Continental is named after Bentley’s most famous model line, which has been used on their Grand Tourers since 1952.

The Barnato is named after Diana Barnato, the socialite daughter of Woolf Barnato, who was one of the original Bentley Boys and chairman of the company. Far from being a pampered daddy’s girl, she was an experienced driver and aviatrix, and the first British woman to break the sound barrier. Not bad for a girl.

So take that, motoring community. The sisters are doing it for themselves from only $5500 per bag. Of course, there are those say that sexism and misogyny has no place in today’s society and that this entire article is in somewhat poor taste. We agree wholeheartedly and apologise.

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