Aston Martin 003 hypercar confirmed – LaFerrari-fighting Aston to sit under Valkyrie

Aston Martin is primed for the big leagues with hybrid V6 003 hypercar to rival P1 successor

Aston Martin is about to reveal an all-new hypercar due to arrive in late 2021. The car is currently muted as ‘003’, in reference to its place as the third mid-engined model after the Valkyrie and its track-only twin, the Valkyrie AMR Pro. This car will be on show in prototype form at the Geneva motor show next month, giving us a fascinating insight into Aston Martin’s very exciting future.

Aston Martin has confirmed that this new model will feature a turbocharged internal combustion engine paired with a hybrid system. Given the more expensive Valkyrie uses a Cosworth-designed naturally aspirated V12, we suspect the 003 will use a smaller engine, possibly a V6, to generate performance. This new powertrain will sit within a lightweight chassis, and offer class-leading dynamics on both road and track, according to Aston Martin.

To help reach this target, Aston Martin will launch the 003 with an active suspension system, something the brand has remained tight-lipped about so far on both this car and the Valkyrie. The 003 will also feature an active aero system, although if the teaser and the Valkyrie itself are anything to go by, we suspect this will not be based on a massive movable rear wing – rather more subtle groundwork aero.

Aston Martin Valkyrie Q by AM - black top

But where the Valkyrie will essentially feel like a Le Mans racer for the road, the 003 will have less compromise according to Aston Martin, with more allowances made for road driving such as integrated luggage space, and full left- and right-hand-drive homologation. From the shadowy teaser image, you can already see some of the styling and aerodynamic elements that have been derived from the Valkyrie, such as the narrow cabin, wide hips and tall rear diffuser, but look more closely and you’ll also find some top-mounted exhaust outlets, and a rear aero-bridge.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait long to see this car in the flesh either, because as we mentioned before, the new hypercar will be on show in near-production form at this year’s Geneva motor show. Aston Martin says the 003 will be limited to 500 units, with the first reaching customers at the end of 2021. With McLaren already developing the next-generation P1, and Ferrari in the process of revealing its own V6 hybrid-powered supercar, the 003 will not have the hybrid hypercar market to itself, which is a good thing. Bring on the next mega-test.

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