Ariel ACE. Design led by engineering

Ariel is a name that should ring a bell with most of you. A small but exceptionally well formed company based out of the UK that crafted one of the most impressive and technically cool road legal track day cars; The Atom.

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The same team have taken a slightly left field turn and rather than creating a follow up car, they have focused their engineering led design towards two wheels. The awesome looking Ariel Ace Motorcycle is the stunning result.

Sporting the Ariel visual clues the beautiful aluminium trellis frame wraps its way around a 1,237cc V4 engine from the Honda VFR1200F, pushing out 170hp and and equally impressive 95 lbs/ft of twist. And due to the fact the VFR’s engine is already in play with Ariel, there is a dual-clutch transmission on the options tick list.

As you can imagine with a company capable of delivering bespoke products and specs, owners of the Ace can go pretty much down the route of creating their own version, not to be seen in another carpark in town. As a prospective buyer, you have the opportunity to amend the spec of the seats, exhausts, exhaust finish, brakes, tank sizes and styles, handlebars and even the whole front end assembly.

Add the fact that your bike will be hand built by the fair hands of a single technician, the Ariel Ace is a sure sign that the English motorbike scene is slowly coming back.

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