AMG Yacht. Yours for only $2.9 million

Ever thought about taking your Mercedes-AMG round Monte Carlo…on the water? Now you can. Well, if you have nearly $3 million to spare…

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The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is just around the corner and I’m going to make a prediction now that a Mercedes Benz, possibly with Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg at the helm will end up in the harbour. I make another prediction that the AMGs will literally be flying around the tiny Principality – and I mean literally.

You see, Mercedes Benz with AMG has moved beyond the world of cars and into helicopters, private jets and luxury yachts. For 2.5 million (c$2.9 million) you could have this Silver Arrow they quaintly refer to as a ‘day boat’ to motor around the Gulf with up to nine of your best friends, while your Airbus helicopter with a fully-kitted out AMG interior sits at the heliport.

How do we know? Well, we got to go for a fling in each while on the launch of the new S-Class convertible in France. The boat is designed entirely by the German car manufacturer inside and out with subtle references to the car such as the ‘C-Pillar’ and coke-bottle hipline and it even has power windows either side just like a big version of the coupe.

Inside there’s the same timber, leather and round vents from the S-Class to continue the theme, and there’s an exceptionally good chance it will be used to ferry championship leader Rosberg and teammate Hamilton around the Cote d’azur during the Monaco GP weekend. Would certainly be a fitting place for Rosberg to celebrate eight in a row

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