Alpha Logic. Summer Time Teaser. Dubai, UAE

crankandpiston sneak over to Alpha Logic in Dubai, UAE, for a glimpse at what they will be brewing over the summer.

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The Dubai summer is not conducive to much apart from a sweaty crack and an aversion to being outside for more than 2.37 milliseconds. For the petrolhead community it is a double kick in the balls as drag strips, circuits and drift playgrounds are deserted. With ambient temperatures hitting 50ºC and above, even the best sorted car can suffer internal ruptures and spill their guts at the mere mention of motorsport activity or even a prolonged spirited drive. The summer time racing fix is therefore limited to television viewing with the air conditioning cranked up to eleven.

However, this lull in the regional motorsport calendar sees a hive of activity flourishing in the tuner shops of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the region in general. Behind closed workshop doors, much hitting with hammer and finessing with spanner is afoot and it is already clear that by summer’s end, a fair few beasts are going to emerge up from the depths, thirty stories high, breathing fire… etc.

Speaking of Godzilla, it has been nearly a year since crankandpiston ventured over to Alpha Logic Performance in the Al Quoz area of Dubai. Specializing in “real horsepower not photoshop Queen cars“, Alpha Logic have earned a reputation for producing some of the highest powered street legal cars in the region. However, they have gained national and international renown as specialists in the Nissan R35 GT-R, examples of which regularly roll out of the green floored workshop with power figures in excess of 1000hp.

This summer is heating up to be a good one at Alpha Logic. At least five GT-Rs have already been booked in for varying levels of the proven and very impressive AMS GT-R Alpha Package, the most extreme package of which has already conquered a couple of world records. The big news, however, is that Alpha Logic will be building an R35 with a full AMS Alpha Omega package that will decimate everything in its path like a radioactive fire breathing beast.

Hide the women and the kids because there is going to be a new monster in town and crankandpiston is in for the build.

Thanks to Alpha Logic Performance

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