All you need to know about Tesla in the UAE

Tesla is now officially in the UAE as CEO Elon Musk just announced it at the Government World Summit

So you can now put an order on the Tesla Model S or the Model X online HERE starting from the 60 model up to the high performance P100D.

Elon Musk just made an appearance at the Government World Summit, where he finally introduced the brand to the UAE and shared the future plans of the Tesla brand in the region. Not just with automotive, but with energy generation and storage.

The vehicles delivery will start this Summer, starting with the model S and X, and as the production starts for the Model 3, it will come later this year.
There will be a pop-up store in The Dubai Mall, along with a Tesla Ranger service. Some of you going along Sheikh Zayed Road must’ve seen some hints of the upcoming new showroom which will be in the place of Porsche’s previous showroom, that will be open by July this year.


As for charging stations:

  • Current superchargers: 2 (One at Last Exit Jebal Ali, and one in Masdar City).
  • There will be 5 additional chargers by the end of this year.
  • There are 26 destination chargers located across the UAE including hotels and shopping malls. 
  • There will be more than 50 additional destination charging locations by the end of the year.

After some testing in the UAE, the range of the model S is expected to be around 632km, while the model X should do around 565km.

How about the heat?

We asked Elon regarding any official testing in the Middle East, so he mentioned a hotter climate environment, where Tesla has done some hot weather testing in Death Valley in California, and that actually got the record for the hottest place on earth. The car has to climb a steep road in the middle of summer, and it was capable of these handling hot climate situations.

A funny story that Elon mentioned: “We sent a diesel tow truck to the valley just in case the Tesla broke down, the tow truck broke down and the Tesla was fine.”

So that sounds pretty promising!


Model S will start at $75,000 (275,000 AED), while the Model X will start at $93,500 (344,000 AED).

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