910bhp Porsche 9FF. Taming The Animal

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It’s safe to say that today we will not be dealing with these kinds of speeds. What genuinely concerns me at this point though is how the car will react under acceleration. I ask Gavin about any notable moments or incidents he has had behind the wheel, hoping this will alleviate my worries. It doesn’t…

“Oh, there’s too many to think of! Everytime I drive the car, it feels like an event. I’ve had some crazy runs down the German autobahns and the way it hits 300kph and keeps going…that’s what I love most about the car!”There are many cars now that can do good 0-100kph times. Where this model stands out is how fast it covers the ground when the turbos come alive. There aren’t many cars that can keep up after that!”

I decide it best to take my mind off that and concentrate on the look of the beast: it is nothing but brute force wrapped up in Basalt Black paint – aside from the cheeky yellow brake calipers – and a couple of HRE Performance badges, it just looks the business. The effect is not lost when the roof is taken down either, this only showcasing the rear wing even more.

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Once the statics are done, Moe pops me back in the hotseat (quite literally since the roof has been taken off) and sends me on my way for some motion shots. Even though this is not the busiest of locales, our antics have still attracted a reasonable crowd of passers-by. Sujee, enjoying his freedom, wanders across to to join them and watch the 9FF in action.

The steering is very taut, though surprisingly light, and there’s plenty of feel for the tarmac too through the 20” wheels. Given the weight behind the brakes and the clutch, I had expected much the same of the steering. Even more of a surprise is the fact that, against all odds, the 9FF is actually quite easy to drive. All of a sudden I’ve forgotten about the relative lack of space, the slightly bizarre seating position and that my left calf muscle is now three times bigger than when we started. Now I’m just concentrating on driving one of the most animalistic cars available in Dubai. From being rendered almost catatonic by the sound of the thing just this morning, and driving to such leisurely speeds that even Miss Daisy would ask me to pull my finger out, I’m now smiling and pushing the Porsche faster and a little further into the corners, the tyres offering a squeal every now and then on the hot asphalt.

But soon it’s time for the drag. Oh yes! Now we have to see what this thing can really do. After choosing an open stretch of tarmac and making sure that the crowd – which has got even bigger now somehow – is well out of the way, Moe and I all tighten our belts and breathe deeply as I select first gear, release the handbrake, and nail it.

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For the first 2999 revs, nothing much out of the ordinary happens. The very linear march up the speedometer is done with very little fuss. And then we hit 3000revs….

“Oooohhhh ssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiii……..”

The turbo kicks in, and both of our necks are wrenched back aggressively as the speed comes in one big lump, punching the car towards the horizon almost without mercy. I’m so shocked by the speed that I accidentally hit the rev limiter and have to scramble to find second. This does knock our momentum a touch but I do better selecting third, and then fourth before bottling the run and slamming the brakes hard as the end of the tarmac appears out of nowhere.

Laughter and conversation is trying to escape our lips, but it’s impossible. I’m too staggered by the speed, the aggression and the ease with which we are catapulted across nearly a quarter of a mile in almost no time at all: this behemoth will hit 100kph from standstill in 2.5s, after all.

I line the car up again for a second run (you didn’t think that was it did you?). First gear caught me out first time around but now I’m ready, my eyes fixed to the odometer waiting for the needle to hit 5/6000 revs. I’m a little gentler with the throttle this time as we sprint out of the blocks, and when the turbo kicks in again, my upshift is a lot smoother. Two more gear changes are made, each throwing up a beautiful ‘pssshhhtt’ as the turbo alerts us to its presence through the exhaust pipes, and we are comprehensively pinned to our seats. The brakes are slammed on again as we hit the end of our makeshift runway, and the process is repeated. Again. And again. And again.

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About twenty minutes later, keen to get the car back to House of Cars in one piece, we decide to call it a day, and begin our journey back, waving goodbye to our adoring fans as we go. Fortunately the leisurely pace with which we make our way back to the showroom allows the clutch to cool down, and the car is eventually returned fault free.

I’ve had the immense privilege of driving some pretty spectacular machines in my time at crankandpiston, but this is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Our time with the car has lasted no more than a few hours, but the constant apprehension and hardwork behind the wheel has left me physically exhausted, and with the tingle of adrenaline still pumping through my arms. And I at no point have I surpassed fourth gear. What lies beyond that frankly beggars belief. But who knows? There’s always next time.


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Porsche 9FF TRC91
Engine: 4.0-litre / flat-six / 2x 9FF F900 turbochargers
Location: Rear / longitudinal
Power: 910bhp @ 6000rpm
Torque: 910lb ft @ 6000rpm
Transmission: Six-speed manual / double clutch disc / rear-wheel drive
Front suspension: Adjustable FR stabilizer with fastening
Rear suspension: Adjustable RR stabilizer with fastening
Brakes: Porsche drill holed 380 x 32 front and rear / PCCB with racing pads
Wheels: 20in HSE front and rear
Tyres: 245/30 ZR20 front / 325/25 ZR20 rear / Continental CSC III
Weight (kerb) 1620kg
Power-to-weight: 561bhp/ton
0-100kph: 2.5sec
Top speed: 385+kph
Basic price: $185,000

Our thanks to House of Cars. The House of Cars Group was founded in 1998 and has since become one of the most enthusiastic motor businesses in Dubai. The Group (based out of their premises in Dubai’s Business Bay) sells over 250 prestige cars a year, to old and new customers alike. Full body or accident repairs, including vehicle enhancement facilities, are available for all our customers. For more details, contact David Hunt at david@houseofcarsgroup.com

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