VIDEO. 60 years of the Nissan Skyline and GTR in 60 seconds

Autofeed has come up with a corker of a 60 second video clip, with this run-through of the Nissan Skyline and GTR.

60 years of the Nissan Skyline GT-R 01

Autofeed has outdone itself with this 60 second rundown that covers 60 years of the iconic Nissan Skyline and GT-R models. We all have our favourite car models or makes, but whether you have a VAG allegiance or Ford, all car enthusiasts appreciate the icon that is the Nissan Skyline and GTR. This video gives a brief, but awesome, history of the model.

You’ve probably already seen that we shared a small section of this video on our Instagram page but, due to Instagram’s 15 second restrictions, we couldn’t show the whole thing. Nothing to stop us now…

Source – Autofeed

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