500bhp Honda Civic Turbo EG6. Not-so mellow yellow

Local boy Mohammed Al Yassi walks us through his shoot of this awesome, Corvette Z06-baiting 500bhp Honda Civic EG6.

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My name is Mohammed Al-Yassi and I am an automotive photographer based in the United Arab Emirates. Recently I shot this crazy yellow Honda Civic that belongs to Khalid Al-Mansoori, whom I met through a relative three months ago. And this isn’t your average Civic, by any means. It pushes out more than 500bhp.

When I saw this yellowish EG6, I couldn’t take my eyes off it, nor could I peel my eye from my camera’s viewfinder in an effort to find the best shot. I’d already found a great spot to shoot the car in Fujairah, and had managed to secure some big monolights for this little monster too.

As I was drooling, Khalid – who also brought his elder brother Abdullah along to the shoot – told me that most of the work on this EG6 had been done by himself at his home. Khalid is one of the biggest Honda enthusiasts I have ever met. He seem to know every detail about Honda Civics in general and about the EG6 in particular.


In this model, he’s swapped the engine from a D16 to a B18C and installed a turbocharger kit to increase the power. The kit is a Garret GTX3582R Turbo with Tail 44mm Wastegate, BWR Manifold and custom build intercooler. This also meant he had to upgrade the engine to handle the power that the new tu

rbo produces. The serious work though was in the fuel system. For this he used an AEM fuel rail, Daynamics 1000cc Fuel injectors and Aeromotive A1000 Fuel pump. The brain part was something unique in our region, since Khalid included a AEM EMS-4 with AEM Twin-Fire Ignition Module.

The exterior is very striking, and not just because of the awesome wheels it now boasts. With its vivid colour and great carbon-fibre body parts, this EG6 is a piece of art. Khalid has mentioned me that he is in love with stanced cars, and so has lowered his EG6 using Skunk2 Pro-Series coilovers and also cambered the car.

There is still work to be done on the Honda, but Khalid will not be changing his aim: he hopes it will one day rival Chevy’s Corvette Z06 and other V8 in terms of power and performance. All my respect to people who currently own (or are thinking of buying) a V8 car, but you guys should know that Khalid is really serious about this!

– Location: Fujairah / Al Wareah


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