2023 Polestar 3 partially revealed – hot electric SUV to rival EV Porsche Macan and Audi Q6 E-tron

This is Polestar’s first ground-up model, and it’s one that says much of the fast-growing Swedish company’s future

Polestar has teased its third new model, the aptly-named Polestar 3. Despite taking one of our lesser preferred forms – a medium-sized SUV – it does represent something quite exciting for the new-era Swedish brand, namely a model that was never conceived under the Volvo umbrella, and instead one designed specifically for Polestar. 

This much is obvious as soon as you look at its body, which is more fluid and relaxed than the blockier aesthetic that underpins Volvo’s design language. Most assertive is the lack of a solid shoulder line, something that has consistently defined Volvos since the 1960s. Instead, the Polestar 3 almost flouts its new profile with a sort of design rebellion by running a hard crease up and over the cab via the a-pillars. 

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The door pressings, both front and rear have their own creases, the latter creating a solid-form haunch that does well to reference the Polestar 1, only this time interacting with a more mainstream two-box silhouette. A falling roofline, integrated rear spoiler, contrasting roof panel (in this case almost certainly a fixed glass panel) and highly stylised b-surfaces running along the sills complete a look that’s certainly distinctive from Volvo. 

Front and rear fascias are difficult to get a grasp of from the single teaser shot, but the front should mimic the Polestar Precept Concept, with two-piece headlights and a slim ‘grille’ graphic that we expect will be used to house the safety systems as well as direct air, as is clear by the sunken bonnet and slip vent at its front leading edge.

The rear end seems to channel its Volvo connection more closely, as while it’s unlikely the lighting will draw up the rear pillar in that typical Volvo fashion, it still shares a similar blocky graphic, here joined by a similar light-bar as the one found on the 2. A similar ‘same-but-different’ effect will likely be utilised inside, but for now the 3 will remain out of view until it’s revealed in full later this year. 

The Polestar 3 is just one of three new models arriving in the next three years, too, with a sportier Polestar 4 SUV coming next – a productionised version of the Precept Concept called the Polestar 5 will also arrive in 2024. So while things might have seemed quiet on the Polestar front over the last 2 years, things are about to get busy for one of the car industry’s most exciting new players.

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