Zenvo ST1 Production Car. Dubai

Up close and personal with the super-exclusive Zenvo ST1 production car in Dubai

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Zenvo Automotive made a massive impression on the supercar kingdom a few years ago and with good reason. Here was an unknown car manufacturer from Denmark which, on it’s first outing, had produced the stunning and ferociously fast Zenvo ST1 Prototype. Well, having over 1000bhp does tend to grab people’s attention.

For the production run, only 15 examples will be made to maintain exclusivity of Zenvo ownership. Therefore, when crankandpiston was invited to view a production ST1 – in its temporary home at Parc Fermé Workshop in Dubai – we said yes. And bolted down there like a whippet.

There is a striking difference between the prototype and this new production model which is immediately apparent. Gone are the uneven panel gaps associated with the prototype and the carbon fibre bodywork now also has crisp, beautiful edges. And while the interior of the prototype was mainly functional and utilized a dash pinched from a Porsche, the production model has a stylish and comfortable cabin with new attractive display units.

With power output now at 1,104bhp and producing 1,430Nm of torque the ST1 is as ferocious as ever and when the Zenvo test pilot starts it up to move it outside, the seven-litre V8 barks into action before settling to an angry idle. This engine is unique to the ST1. It is an aluminium version of a GM LSX block produced in-house by Zenvo with custom internals. It is also supercharged and turbocharged, hence the name ‘ST1’, and the soundtrack is gloriously menacing.

While the focus of the ST1 would superficially appear to be about horsepower bragging rights, the real development of the car has been about design and driveability. Originally the Zenvo started with 1,500bhp and was reduced to an acceptable level where it could terrorize the track and be usable on the public roads with equal confidence.

It is truly amazing that in only a few years the Zenvo ST1 has gone from an idea, to a prototype and finally into production. This new company from Denmark has achieved it’s goal in producing not only something exclusive, but a highly desirable supercar.

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me drive it.


Our thanks to Parc Fermé Workshop and Zenvo Automotive

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