XDubai Jetmen meet Emirates A380 Airbus

XDubai action sports pits two ‘Jetmen’ pilots against…an Emirates A380 airbus?

XDubai Jetman Emirates 02

We’ll admit from the outset, this is not your traditional crankandpiston.com video. It boasts neither drifts, drag racing, furious burnouts nor a garage-found classic. There aren’t even any cars in it. We beg your humble forgiveness though, since we do think it is still pretty bloody awesome!

#HellJetman follows Jetmen pilots Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet from XDubai – action sports nuts whose visuals you may have seen plastered on Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing Ford Fiesta – flying with go-pros alongside an Emirates A380 airbus. The visuals are stunning and the score is pretty cool too. There is though only one question that’s currently on our lips, and that is, how the hell did they do that?

…no seriously, how the HELL did they do that?!

Source – XDubai

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